måndag 25 maj 2009

Only one man dares to use Rasberry jam on my radar..

I first focused my attention to the rear radar dish assembly which is placed underneath the ship.

Still left in the spruce and with a layer of GW Skull white for primer. Eventhoug it is not screen accurate i've fallen in love with panels and panel lines since i saw the SW exhibit and wanted some of that on my Slave 1 as well. I imagine that with a beat up and banged up ship like slave 1 is bound to have to replace some of the panels on the radar dish at some point... eventhough this is not shown on screen or on the actual screen used model. but like the thread says.. this is the customized version!

The weathering on this was done by first adding a watered down layer of GW Fortress Grey followed by several washes of GW Codex Grey. The "rust" was a GW Gryphonne Sepia with a really, really thin brush. The other panel lines where hand painted using the same brush but with GW Badab Black. Some of the streaks from the panel lines was also done with the same Badab Black. For the streaks along the circumference i dry brushed GW Badab Black as well as chruned it around in the centre to give it that "accumilated dirt" look. This was followed by a dry brush of GW Gunbolt Metal. I finished up with taking my really, really thin brush and adding spots of GW Gunbolt metal and quickly draging a finger over it to make a streak. This is supposed to be micro-impacts from depris in space. I also added some "rust" around some of the "holes"

This is the finished radar dish. I went over once more with a really fine brush adding "chipped metal" around some of the edges.

After this i intend to start working on the cockpit... and i've got a few suprieses there waiting for you... stay tuned. But have patiance.. i intend to take my sweet time with this one.. 8)

onsdag 20 maj 2009

Step 1...

After opening the box and looking at all the little peices, the detail and smiling like a child on christmas i started assembling some of the sub-assemblies such as the Wings, engine thrusters and blasters. I then gave it all a coat of Games Workshop (GW) Skull white as a primer.

As i intend to mount LED's inside I sprayed GW Chaos Black on all the "insides" to prevent any light from bleeding through.

It all began a long, long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away...

... But there is no point in living in the past. So that's why I wanted my very own Slave 1 right here, right now.

I bought a Finemolds kit since, well.. they are the best and I have yet to see a Fan-built Slave 1 been built to completion. I got it off Ebay for 40 USD (incl. shipping) from Asia. A real bargin if you ask me. It also comes with a miniature "Han Solo in Carbonite" which is a nice touch.

I'll be taking my time with this model since a) I'm a father to a newborn baby and b) I want to make sure that i really do my best on this model and to do it proper justice.